California Lifeline Program (landline phone service)

California Lifeline Program (landline phone service)

The California LifeLine Program (California LifeLine) is a state program that provides discounted home phone and cell phone services to eligible households. The California LifeLine discounts help consumers lower the cost of their phone bills. Only one discount per household is allowed (except for teletypewriter users and for Deaf and Disabled Telecommunications Program participants). Each household must choose to get the discount either on a home phone or on a cell phone, but not on both. Check out the Types of Discounted Services Available to learn about the program's benefits.

There are two ways to qualify for the program. Check out Is California LifeLine Right for You? to learn if you and your household qualify.

If you think you qualify for California LifeLine, contact and inform your home or cell phone company you want to apply for California LifeLine. The home or cell phone company must be an approved California LifeLine telephone service provider. Once you tell the home or cell phone company that you qualify, it will begin the application process for you. Click on Provider Search to find out the home and cell phone companies approved in your area. Check out the Application Instructions for more details.

If you currently do not have home or cell phone service, you can contact the California LifeLine Call Center to determine the available phone companies in your area. If you have any questions about your application, status, or due dates, please call the California LifeLine Administrator's hotline.

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