Centro Legal de la Raza

Centro Legal de la Raza

Founded in 1969, Centro Legal de la Raza is a legal services agency protecting and advancing the rights of low-income, immigrant, Black, and Latinx communities through bilingual legal representation, education, and advocacy. By combining quality legal services with know-your-rights education and youth development, Centro Legal de la Raza ensures access to justice for thousands of individuals throughout Northern and Central California.

Immigrants' Rights

Centro Legal’s immigration practice is focused on serving the needs of our most vulnerable community members, including families living in poverty, long residing undocumented immigrants and families, youth, victims of violent crimes, asylum seekers, and detained individuals in removal proceedings.

Tenants' Rights

Stopping displacement, maintaining neighborhoods and stabilizing our communities are very important goals for the Tenants’ Rights Program.

Workers' Rights

The low-wage immigrant workers served by Centro Legal’s Workers’ Rights Program are employed in industries where wage theft and other serious workplace violations are commonplace.


Through each of our legal programs, Centro Legal represents low-income and immigrant workers, tenants, and other clients and communities in affirmative and impact lawsuits to protect their rights and improve conditions more broadly.

Youth Law Academy

The Youth Law Academy is a three year program for Oakland high school students to help them build their confidence and understanding of the path to college.

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