Filipino Advocates for Justice

Filipino Advocates for Justice

Since 1973, Filipino Advocates for Justice (FAJ, formerly known as FAA, Filipinos for Affirmative Action) has been an advocate for immigrant and civil rights by providing direct services, developing leaders, and organizing and advocating on issues important to the Filipino community as a historically underserved ethnic minority. We serve at-risk middle and high school-age youth, low-wage workers vulnerable to exploitation, and the newly arrived immigrants and undocumented, by helping them navigate the challenges of life in the US.

For more than 40 years, Filipino Advocates for Justice has nurtured leadership among Filipino and other youth to enhance their civic capacity and help them organize their communities for meaningful change. Our leadership development mission evolved from supporting low-wage workers in the early 2000’s displaced Airport workers to empowering and protecting vulnerable domestic workers, particularly caregivers in California and nationally.

FAJ provides FREE naturalization assistance. This includes completion of the 20-page application for citizenship and referral of complicated cases to non-profit immigration attorneys.

Over the years FAJ has been an advocate for immigrant and civil rights for the Filipino community. Offering free naturalization services is one way we help and protect our community.

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