Housing Solutions (Bay Area Community Services)

Housing Solutions (Bay Area Community Services)

A program of Bay Area Community Services, Housing First agency believes that finding housing is the first priority to improving quality of life. Once people have their basic necessities (food & shelter) taken care of, then we can address behavioral & physical health issues, substance use, employment, and more. Every individual BACS serves will receive whatever they need to become stable and have reliable housing.

We use direct outreach to find people where they are at, whether it is on the street, in encampments, or more. Then, we do whatever it takes to find them permanent, sustainable housing. We offer interim housing, benefits assistance, job support, food support, housing application fees, and more.

BACS is a California leader in innovative & ambitious solutions to ending homelessness. We are an effective provider of housing & homelessness solutions, working to make visible changes in our community. We operate effective rapid-rehousing programs, and we are buying single-family homes across the our service area to provide permanent housing. We are doing whatever it takes to address this crisis.

For a map of BACS locations: https://www.bayareacs.org/contact/

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