Alameda County Health

Alameda County Health
The mission of the Alameda County Health (ACH) is to achieve health equity by working in partnership to provide high quality services, foster safe and healthy communities, and promote fair and inclusive opportunities for all residents. This is accomplished by the work of HCSA's four departments: Behavioral Health, Environmental Health, Office of the Agency Director (OAD), and Public Health.
Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services (510) 567-8100 Our mission is to maximize the recovery, resilience and wellness of all eligible Alameda County residents who are developing or experiencing serious mental health, alcohol or drug concerns. We envision communities where all individuals and their families can successfully realize their potential and pursue their dreams, and where stigma and discrimination against those with mental health and/or alcohol and drug issues are remnants of the past.
OAD includes the Office of Homeless Care and Coordination, the Health Program of Alameda County (HealthPAC) providing health insurance to uninsured people living in Alameda County, and the Center for Healthy Schools and Communities.
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