City Taxi Scrip

City Taxi Scrip

Temporary paper money for those who are certified disabled by East Bay Paratransit or 70 years of age with an income that does not exceed 30% of Area Median Income.

Funded by Measure B grants, each city has its own program in which they contract with listed taxi service agents. Scrip is issued in quarterly coupon books for taxi rides to anywhere the client needs or wishes to go. That includes shopping or visiting family and friends. It is customary to tip the driver in addition to the scrip.

For elders with limited English, the address destinations and directions (please wait 5 minutes) can be written for the cabdriver to follow.

The City of Berkeley issues a limited number per year in free taxi rides.

The City of Oakland has a taxi script and van voucher program that provides subsidized but not free rides using script under the Oakland Paratransit Office.

Apply through East Bay Paratransit.

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