Information about medical indigent waivers

Information about medical indigent waivers

Hospital Charity Care/ Indigent Waivers
For those without comprehensive insurance and low income, each hospital has charity care/indigent waivers to help cover the costs of hospital bills. These waivers are filed in the billing/financial office at each different hospital site. Once approved, waivers are usually good for the entire year in which a patient accrues hospital bills. Each hospital has its own income guidelines and determines what percentage of the bills that the hospital can cover. Determinations are based on income/poverty thresholds which are consistent with most other cost savings programs. Savings range from $0-50,000, depending on uncovered costs and are necessary to file as they help clients maintain a good credit standing, rather than being in future monetary arrears.

City Ambulance Service Indigent Waivers
Such waivers are used to cover the cost of ambulance transportation that is not covered by insurance (typically $1,000-$4,000 a ride). Contact the city telephone number on the billing notice in addition to requesting from the city the non-emergency billing contact for the fire department which responded and provided the ambulance service in order to request a waiver. Note: Waivers do not cover the cost of an ambulance ride used for hospital transport if such transport was used for non-emergency purposes.

CA Hospital Charity Care Programs and Application to Cover Hospital Expenses

Apply for charity care here.

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