Refugee Housing Solutions

Refugee Housing Solutions

Refugee Housing Solutions provides technical housing support to resettlement practitioners, landlords and property managers, refugees, and volunteers across the United States and partners with them to develop and implement cohesive strategies to increase the availability and affordability of housing.

Safe, stable, healthy, equitable and affordable housing for all people builds stronger communities. However, the U.S. is facing a housing affordability crisis. At present, excessive rent burdens – and the ultimate consequences of these burdens such as financial hardship, eviction, and even homelessness – are a daily reality for more than 10 million households across the country for U.S. citizens and newcomers alike. The refugee assistance community affirms the need to work alongside efforts to house individuals who are currently houseless and experiencing housing challenges.

Refugee Housing Solutions is working collaboratively with resettlement practitioners by engaging key stakeholders as we innovate and expand affordable housing solutions across the U.S. Addressing the housing crisis will take multiple solutions, policy changes, and a collaborative effort to increase access to affordable housing. We believe this is possible and we are hopeful for change. Increasing access to affordable housing and creating innovative housing solutions not only benefits newcomers, but also the entire U.S.

RHS serves all ten national resettlement agencies and partners with critical housing stakeholders.

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