Training & Technical Assistance

Afghan Health Leadership Consortium (Afghan Coalition)
The Afghan Health Leadership Consortium is a program of the Afghan Coalition in Fremont. The health topics discussed are unique to the Afghan Community and are focused to service providers, educators and community leaders. After the crisis in Afghanistan, the focus of the Consortium has been on issues relating to the needs and problems of the new arrivals and solutions that address those special needs.
African Communities Program (Partnerships for Trauma Recovery)
African Communities Program addresses the psychosocial impacts of trauma among international survivors of human rights abuses through culturally aware, trauma-informed, and linguistically accessible mental health care, outreach, professional training, and policy advocacy.
Asian Resource Network (Diversity in Health Training Institute)
Asian Resource Network connects Bay Area families in need with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) service providers.
Black Alliance for Just Immigration (BAJI)
Black Alliance for Just Immigration (BAJI) educates and engages African American and black immigrant communities to organize and advocate for racial, social and economic justice. At the local and regional level, BAJI provides training and technical assistance to partner organizations to develop leadership skills, works with faith communities to harness their prophetic voice, and initiates vibrant dialogues with African Americans and black immigrants to discover more about race, our diverse identities, racism, migration and globalization.
Bridging Refugee Youth and Children’s Services (BRYCS)
Bridging Refugee Youth and Children’s Services (BRYCS) aims to strengthen the capacity of refugee-serving and mainstream organizations across the U.S. to empower and ensure the successful development of refugee children, youth, and their families.
Building Skills Partnership
Building Skills Partnership (BSP) improves the lives of property service workers in low-wage industries and their families. Property service workers are janitors, security officers, maintenance and custodial workers, stadium, arena and airport workers, and other workers who provide important services to the buildings of California. BSP programs serve 5,500 participants annually through direct services and training, and 20,000 individuals through hybrid outreach engagements & online services. Programs focus on workforce development, immigrant inclusion, and community advancement. The organization offers career and education programs that enable workers’ personal and professional success.
East Bay Refugee and Immigrant Forum (EBRIF)  
The East Bay Refugee and Immigrant Forum (EBRIF) is a coalition of over 30 community-based organizations and agencies serving refugees, asylees, and immigrants in the San Francisco East Bay.
Service Area
East Bay
Refugee Housing Solutions
Provides technical housing support to resettlement practitioners, landlords and property managers, refugees, and volunteers across the United States and partners with them to develop and implement cohesive strategies to increase the availability and affordability of housing.
Service Area
Alameda County Seal