Coalitions & Collaboratives

Afghan Health Leadership Consortium (Afghan Coalition)
The Afghan Health Leadership Consortium is a program of the Afghan Coalition in Fremont. The health topics discussed are unique to the Afghan Community and are focused to service providers, educators and community leaders. After the crisis in Afghanistan, the focus of the Consortium has been on issues relating to the needs and problems of the new arrivals and solutions that address those special needs.
Asian Pacific Islander Community Collaborative (APICC)
The Asian Pacific Islander Community Collaborative (APICC) is a collection of over 30 Asian and Asian Pacific Islander (API) community-based organizations that provide services to the 5th Supervisorial District; it was established in December 2002 by Alameda County Supervisor Keith Carson. APICC advocates for and promotes linguistically and culturally accessible County services for Asian and Asian Pacific Islander Americans. Our focus is on language access, employment, and social services issues, and we will work with community-based organizations, faith-based organizations, and businesses that serve API communities.
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AYPAL is a leadership development, community organizing and coalition building organization that seeks to create healthy, safe, and thriving communities for Oakland’s low-income Asian & Pacific Islander immigrant and refugee families.
California Collaborative for Immigrant Justice
CCIJ moves beyond traditional legal services and supports innovative approaches for the liberation and empowerment of detained immigrants and their communities. We utilize coordination, advocacy, and legal services to fight for the liberation of immigrants in detention in California.
California Health Collaborative
The California Health Collaborative is committed to addressing the health needs of Californians with special emphasis on underserved communities with limited access to resources or who face barriers related to culture, language, income, education, gender, geography or immigration status.
Californians Together
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Californians Together works for an educational system that is funded and structured so every child will have full access to a high quality 21st century education and will graduate from our public schools fully prepared for success in college and career and full civic participation.
Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights – Los Angeles (CHIRLA)
CHIRLA advocates for immigrant rights, organizes, educates and defends immigrants and refugees in the streets, in the courts, and in the halls of power.
Contra Costa API Coalition
Contra Costa API Coalition is a cross-sector, multicultural, multiethnic coalition focused on building and strengthening resources and opportunities for AAPI and all Contra Costa community members.
Service Area
Contra Costa County
Contra Costa Immigrant Rights Alliance (CCIRA)
CCIRA is a coalition of community, faith, advocacy and immigrant-led organizations that provides a platform to support actions by multiple players across Contra Costa County. CCIRA works to collectively move campaigns forward by drawing on the experience and best practices of organizations doing local and regional work to engage the broader community in supporting immigrants.
Service Area
Contra Costa County
East Bay Refugee and Immigrant Forum (EBRIF)  
The East Bay Refugee and Immigrant Forum (EBRIF) is a coalition of over 30 community-based organizations and agencies serving refugees, asylees, and immigrants in the San Francisco East Bay.
Service Area
East Bay
Monterey County Immigrant Services Network of Empowerment (CISNE)
The Monterey County Immigrant Services Network of Empowerment (CISNE) serves immigrant and vulnerable communities by establishing access and trust through a collaborative approach of networking, information sharing, and partnering to serve their multicultural, all-inclusive needs. 
Service Area
Monterey County
Racial & Ethnic Mental Health Disparities Coalition (REMHDCO)
REMHDCO stands for the Racial & Ethnic Mental Health Disparities Coalition.  Since late 2007, REMHDCO has been a statewide coalition of individuals from non-profit state wide and local organizations whose mission is to work to reduce mental health disparities through advocacy for racial and ethnic communities.
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Refugee & Immigrant Forum of Santa Clara County
Facilitates the successful integration of refugees and immigrants into local communities through collaboration, resource sharing and fostering community awareness. For over 30 years, the Refugee and Immigrant Forum has successfully advocated for newcomer populations, supported their full integration into our community, and promoted appropriate services to advance their self-sufficiency.
Service Area
Santa Clara County
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A coalition of organizations serving the San Francisco Bay Area asylee, immigrant and refugee community and service providers.
Stand Together Contra Costa
A rapid response, legal services, and community education project to support safety and justice for immigrant families in Contra Costa County.
Service Area
Contra Costa County
The San Mateo Office of Community Affairs
A division of the County Executive's Office, serving as a liaison between county departments and the community to facilitate information sharing, feedback, provide immigrant services to residents.
Service Area
San Mateo County
Welcoming America
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Welcoming America is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that leads a movement of inclusive communities becoming more prosperous by ensuring everyone belongs. 
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Alameda County Seal